Sex and the Pharmacy

February 2024 Newsletter
In this edition, we're addressing a topic that's both vital and often shrouded in unnecessary shame and mystery: the role of the pharmacy in sexual health and wellness. At Pharmacy For Life, we don't shy away from such topics, and we're here to be your knowledgeable, confidential resource.
ContraceptivesDid you know that pharmacists can be your primary provider of contraceptives? Our pharmacists are trained to help you navigate which type of contraceptive is best suited for your lifestyle and to help you manage side effects. With so many residents in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia without a family doctor, our pharmacists play a crucial role in helping women access contraceptives (including emergency contraceptives) in a timely manner. You can see a pharmacist and walk out with your birth control the same day. Already have a current prescription? Skip the line and waiting room, let us deliver them right to your door!
Are you a Student VIP member of SMU or DAL University? Contact us to learn how you can get exclusive student pricing on all prescriptions.
Protection: According to a recent study, the use of condoms is declining, resulting in a rise of STI rates among Canadian university students. STI misconceptions like not having any symptoms or being in a monogamous relationship were the main reasons students were not worried about contracting or spreading STIs. 33% of the students surveyed said they did not use a condom during their last sexual encounter with a one-time partner. These statistics are alarming and show us that Sexual Health Awareness is  more important than ever.
The only way to know for sure if you have an STI is to get tested. Contact 811 to speak with a health care provider and to find a clinic near you.
The best way to protect yourself against STIs and unwanted pregnancies is by using a condom. If you are not comfortable purchasing condoms in person, we make it easy to purchase them online, and offer free, discreet delivery within New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.
Our goal is to emphasize the critical role of open, honest communication in sexual health. Our pharmacy is more than just a place to pick up medication; it's a resource for trusted advice, support and information. Whether you're exploring birth control options, have questions about STIs, or simply need to purchase some protection, our team is here. Stay informed, stay protected, and be safe.

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