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Like good neighbours, we care about the people in our community. Let us help take care of your health and well being. Pop in and say hi to our team at Northern Carleton Pharmacy.

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Free delivery for prescription orders

As a locally owned business, we strive to be good community members and support local. We carry locally sourced products whenever possible and offer free delivery on any order that includes a prescription and local shipping rates for all other orders.

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Prescribe for Common Illnesses

Many medications for minor ailments do not require seeing a doctor to get a prescription and can be prescribed by our team.

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We provide vaccinations for various conditions and travel requirements. Please email or call us for more information.

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Home health services

With a home consultation done in-person or remotely, we recommend products that allow you to age at home safely.

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Compression Socks

We fit you for the best advanced compression and non-medical grade socks.

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Adult Covid-19 Vaccinations

The Covid-19 vaccine is available for free. Our pharmacists can administer the vaccine in-store and answer any of your questions before you get the shot.

Children and youth vaccinations

We are not currently offering vaccines for children under the age of 16 at this location. Please book in at a public health clinic by following the link below.

Covid-19 Vaccination Boosters

Additional doses are now available to certain individuals. Please check eligibility below.

True to our Northern Carleton Pharmacy Roots

First opened in 1985, Northern Carleton Pharmacy is a cornerstone business in the heart of the community. After assuming ownership in 2016, it was important to us to maintain that strong connection to the community while also working to improve our service offerings. We are proud to serve our community while we prioritize expanding access to primary care services.

Our dedicated team

We are a caring team of welcoming individuals who work hard to provide the Northern Carleton community with top quality service. We do our best to find solutions that meet your needs.


Chalie Leslie

Chalie is passionate about promoting the role of independent pharmacy in communities and the New Brunswick healthcare system. This includes: hosting public and private flu shot clinics, participating in Health & Wellness Fairs and events, and providing an expanded scope of services. She is dedicated to providing a patient-focused care model both in-store and online.

Andrew Ryder

Andrew enjoys day to day customer interaction and providing answers to personal health questions. He is particularly interested in collaborating with family healthcare practitioners to ensure best possible patient outcomes. This includes interpreting lab values, such as kidney function, to ensure that medications are not causing harm over time.

Lauren Titus

Lauren loves getting to know her patients on a personal level through one on one interactions. Because pharmacy is ever-evolving, she is passionate about learning new aspects of the field and putting them to practice in a community pharmacy setting. Lauren is also a big hockey fan and considers herself to be a "true crime junkie".
Pharmacy Assistant

Gina Tremblay

For Gina, working in pharmacy means that she is doing something that really matters. She is happy to be a part of the community and to make a difference in people's lives, even when they are at their worst. When Gina isn't at work, you will likely find her lounging with her cat, a good book and a cup of tea!
Pharmacy Assistant

Josee Tucker

Josee is a new member to the pharmacy team, and has enjoyed learning so many new things so far. She looks forward to expanding her knowledge. She loves getting to meet new people and hear their stories each day.
Front Store Sales Clerk

Sylvia McIntosh

Sylvia's favorite part of her job is helping all of the customers that come into our store, even if that just means listening and being a friend. In her spare time, she is either spending time with her friends and family, or baking delicious treats.
Front Store Sales Clerk

Tracey Fenske

Tracey is grateful for all of the great coworkers and customers that she gets to interact with on a daily basis. As a parent to a young adult daughter with autism, her main priority is helping her daughter navigate the everyday, from meltdowns to socializing with others.