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We aim to do our part during the COVID-19 Crisis, so we have decided to make our Care Club memberships free to all new members until June 30th, 2020. Care Club includes FREE Shipping anywhere in New Brunswick on all orders and FREE Health Assessments from our Healthcare provider team.

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Gives you access to product sales + monthly health advice newsletter + Your first Health Assessment is always FREE! Pay as you go for shipping fees,

$24.99/month CURRENTLY FREE

Care Club

Everyday Access to Health Care - Pharmacist/Physician at your Fingertips + Free shipping anywhere in NB on all orders + Club discounts and promotional offers + Personalized Wellness plans, AND MUCH MORE.

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Corporate Care

24/7 Access to Health Care. Pharmacist/Physician support at your employee's fingertips + Free shipping on products + Employee discounts on everyday items and over-the-counter medications + Annual company flu clinic + compression stocking fitting clinic & custom built employee wellness plans.

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