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Chalie Leslie- Owner & Pharmacist

Chalie is passionate about promoting the role of independent pharmacy in communities and the New Brunswick healthcare system. This includes: hosting public and private flu shot clinics, participating in Health & Wellness Fairs and events, and providing an expanded scope of services. She is dedicated to providing a patient-focused care model both in-store and online.


Deidre Everett - Pharmacist

Deidre enjoys getting to know her patients and building long term relationships with them. One of her favourite aspects of being a pharmacist is being able to exercise the full scope of NB pharmacy practice, especially vaccinations.


Andrew Ryder - Pharmacist

Andrew enjoys day to day customer interaction and providing answers to personal health questions. He is particularly interested in collaborating with family healthcare practitioners to ensure best possible patient outcomes. This includes interpreting lab values, such as kidney function, to ensure that medications are not causing harm over time.


Emily Perley - Pharmacist

Emily enjoys working with geriatric patients, by providing compliance packaging, minimizing therapeutic interactions and ensuring safe and secure practices with regards to personal medications.

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