Unifine Pentips Plus 4mm 32g 100 Count
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Unifine Pentips Plus 4mm 32g 100 Count

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Pen needles with built in remover, with safety-click technology. 

Diamond Point Technology

  • Sharpened to perfection for lower penetration force

How To Use:

  1. Remove the protective seal and push the pen needle straight onto the pen and screw until tight. Discard inner needle shield. 
  2. After injection, push use pen needle straight into removal chamber until it clicks to indicate it is safely in a suitable sharps container. 

Use with injection pens for the delivery of approved drugs. Fits all major brands of injection pens. Consult injection pen instructions prior to use. FOR SINGLE PATIENT USE ONLY. NOT FOR CLINICAL USE. Consult your healthcare professional before changing needle lengths. Do not use if protective seal is damaged. SINGLE USE ONLY. The reuse of these single devices will affect their safety, performance and effectiveness, and will expose users to unnecessary risks.

Use a new needle for each injection. Prime your pen before each injection to ensure an accurate dose. Count to 10 slowly after injection before removing the needle from the skin to ensure delivery of the complete dose. Remove the needle from the pen after injection.