Trojan Magnum Large Naked Sensations 10 Latex Condoms
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Trojan Magnum Large Naked Sensations 10 Latex Condoms

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Magnum Naked Sensations Condoms feature a revolutionary design that lets you feel the pleasure, not the condom.
Larger than standard latex condoms - for extra comfort
Made from premium quality latex - to help reduce the risk
Each condom is electronically tested - to help ensure reliability

For Contraception Plus STI Protection
Latex condoms are intended to prevent pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs). This product contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions, including anaphylactic shock if user is allergic to latex.

Important Information: Latex condoms, when used properly, are highly effective against pregnancy - although no contraceptive can guarantee 100% effectiveness. There are many STIs. A latex condom can reduce the risk of transmission of HIV infection (AIDS) and many other STIs (such as chlamydia, genital warts, gonorrhea, hepatitis B and syphilis) to or from the penis. To get the most protection from a latex condom, use a new one correctly every time you have sex.

Store in a cool dry place below 30°C and out of direct light.
Width: 53mm. Single use only.