TRESemmé Ultra Firm Control Hair Gel 255mL
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TRESemmé Ultra Firm Control Hair Gel 255mL

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Texture definition for Short or Layered Hair

Maximum Hold 5 

All day Hold in High Humidity 

Ultra Firm Control 

Professional Quality 

Discover A Hair Gel That Keeps Your Favorite Looks Set In Their Ways

For our strongest all day hold and humidity resistance, utilize TRESemmé Ultra Firm Control Texture Gel. With this product, TRESemmé offers a hair gel for women looking to sculpt their salon-quality styles with a strong hold that will not leave hair feeling sticky

How To Use: Start by dispensing a quarter-sized drop of Ultra Firm Control Texture Gel into your hands and use fingers to evenly coat towel-dried hair to your preferred style. Add more TRESemmé gel as needed and blow-dry or air-dry your hair for a look that’ll last into the night.