Tinactin Cream 30g
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Tinactin Cream 30g

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Cures and Prevents Athlete's Foot

Relieves Itching, Burning, and Cracking.

Tinactin cures athlete's foot when used daily for the full treatment period. It rapidly relieves itching, burning and cracking and with daily use prevents athlete's foot. Non-stinging and non-staining.

Directions: Clean skin with soap and water and dry thoroughly. Apply a thin layer of cream twice daily (morning and night) to affected area for full treatment period of 4 weeks. Pay special attention to spaces between toes. Wear well-fitting, ventilated shoes and socks. For prevention, apply a thin layer to feet once or twice daily. If condition has not improved after treatment period, consult a doctor.

Warnings: For External Use Only. Do not use for nail or scalp infections. Discontinue use if irritation develops. Do not use on children under 2 years of age, except on the advice of a doctor. Avoid contact with eyes; if this happens, rinse thoroughly with water.

Active Ingredient: Tolnaftate 1%
Inactive Ingredients: Water, petrolatum, Propylene Glycol, Cetearyl Alcohol, Mineral Oil, Ceteth-20, Sodium Phosphate, p-Chloro-m-cresol.