NovoFine 32G Tip etw 100 Count
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NovoFine 32G Tip etw 100 Count

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6 mm Disposable Needles For Single Use Only
Extra Thin Wall
Designed for use with all Novo Nordisk penfill cartridges and Insulin Delivery Devices as part of The All-In-One System.  

NovoFine 32G Tip etw is a 0.25 mm needle with a 0.23 needle tip, a tapered shape and polished surface. 

Directions: Remove and discard needle immediately after each injection. Do not use any needles where the protective tab is missing or damaged. Do not bend or damage the needle before use. See your insulin Delivery Device Instruction Manual for information on assembly and injection. 

Device Function Check:

  1.  Complete the air short
  2. Be sure there is sufficient insulin in the Penfill cartridge to complete the function check (20 units)
  3. Place the outer cap securely over the expose needle. 
  4. Holding the device vertically, with the needle pointing downward, dispense 20 units of insulin.
  5. If the insulin does not fill or overfills the lower portion of the outer cap, repeat the test with a new NovoFine 32g Tip etw needle and outer cap.
  6. If the second test also shows under-or-over-filling, do no use your insulin Delivery device.