Nicorette QuickMist Fresh Mint 1mg 150 Sprays
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Nicorette QuickMist Fresh Mint 1mg 150 Sprays

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Gets to work on cravings in 60 seconds.

Nicorette QuickMist is an instant relief mouth spray and is the fastest form of nicotine replacement therapy when you crave a cigarette or require relief when experiencing nicotine withdrawal symptoms. It gets to work on cravings in just 60 seconds and provides effective relief.

Do not use if you are: under 18 years of age, pregnant or breastfeeding or allergic to any of the ingredients listed below.

Medicinal Ingredient: one spray contains 1mg of nicotine.
Non-Medicinal Ingredients: acesulfame potassium, ethanol, flavours, glycerin, hydrochloric acid, menthol, poloxamer 407, propylene glycol, purified water, sodium bicarbonate, sucralose, trometamol.

Do not store above 25°C.

If the amounts of Nicorette QuickMist you are taking do not help you stop smoking, talk with your healthcare provider about using more than one type of nicotine replacement therapy at the same time.