Nexcare Gentle Removal Eyepatch
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Nexcare Gentle Removal Eyepatch

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Holds Securely 

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57mm x 80mm

(2.24 in/PO x 3.15 in/PO)

How to apply:

1. follow directions per your eye care professional.

2. For best adhesion, first clean and dry skin around eye.

3. Remove paper liner from the eye patch.

4. Gently close both eyes, keeping facial muscles relaxed to avoid forming wrinkles.

5. Apply eye patch with narrow end towards the nose. Do not Stretch the patch or pull skin.

6. Secure the patch by applying light pressure with fingertips around the outside of the eye patch.

How to Remove:

Support the skin around the eye patch. Starting at the nose side of the eye patch , gently pull the eye patch slowly towards the ear by folding it over itself , while continuing to support the newly exposed skin with your fingers.