HydraSense Medium Stream 100mL Spray
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HydraSense Medium Stream 100mL Spray

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HydraSense Medium Stream provides a simple, ready-to-use and effective daily solution for hydrating and cleansing nasal cavities and passages. It works by flushing out excessive mucus accumulation, relieving congestion caused by colds, allergies, dust, environmental pollutants and upper respiratory tract infections.

Dosage: Apply HydraSense Medium Stream at least twice a day (morning and evening) and 4-6 times a day when cold or allergy symptoms are present. Consult doctor if cold or allergy symptoms last longer than 5 days or if your symptoms worsen.

HydraSense Medium Stream should be used on children aged 2 years and older. For children under the age of 2, it is recommended to use HydraSense Ultra-Gentle Mist, which has a comfort tip specifically designed to fit their nostrils, or HydraSense Easydose.

Warning: Keep out of reach of children.

Composition: 100% natural-source sterile, undiluted, isotonic, desalinated seawater, equivalent to 9g/L (0.9%) sodium chloride and a combination of other marine trace elements. Non-medicated, preservative and additive free.

Store between 15°C and 30°C.