Beano 30 Tablets
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Beano 30 Tablets

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How Beano works: Beano tablets help reduce gas production/flatulence following a meal rich in fermentable carbohydrates (such as vegetables, pulses/legumes/beans and whole grains.

Beano helps digest many foods including:
onions, cabbage, broccoli, leeks, beets, cauliflower, lettuce, cucumber, carrots, peppers, brussels sprouts, beans, peas, soy, whole grains, and corn.

Medicinal Ingredient: alpha-galactosidase (alpha-D-galactoside galactohydrolase, Aspergillus niger) 399 FCC GALU (5.2mg).

Non-Medicinal Ingredients: microcrystalline cellulose, D-mannitol, potato starch, magnesium stearate, colloidal silicon dioxide, calcium gluconate.

Directions: Swallow or chew 2 tablets per meal with your first bite of food. Take up to 10 tablets per day.

Caution: Beano is made from a safe, food-grade mould. Hypersensitivity/allergy has been known to occur, in which case discontinue use. Consult a healthcare practitioner before use if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have diabetes or are a galactosemic. For gastrointestinal intolerance of oligosaccharides/fermentable carbohydrates, consult a healthcare practitioner if symptoms persist or worsen.