Salinex Nasal Drops for Infants/Children 30mL
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Salinex Nasal Drops for Infants/Children 30mL

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Helps reduce symptoms of a dry, irritated nose.

Ingredients: 9mg/mL sodium chloride, benzalkonium chloride, glycerin, purified water.

Dosage: 2 years and under: 4 drop 1-6 times a day or every 2 hours as needed. 3 years and over: 1-2mL (1 full dropper) 1-3 times a day.
Blow nose. Lay child on back, head tilted to right. Insert dropper (not more than 1/4 inch) in left nostril. Instil solution and follow same procedure in right nostril. Blow nose. Rinse dropper with hot water before and after use, wipe with tissue.

Cautions and warnings: Consult doctor before use if you have asthma or other chronic respiratory complaints. Do not share. Do not swallow. Consult doctor if: symptoms persist or worsen; no improvement after clearing nose; discharge is thick and yellow or green; skin at base of nose becomes raw or crusted; child has other signs of illness (fever, ear infection)/ If discomfort, discontinue use.

Store between 15 and 30°C.