Tinactin Powder 108g
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Tinactin Powder 108g

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Cures and Prevents Athlete's Foot

Relieves Itching, Burning, and Cracking.
Triple Action
1. Cures and prevents athlete's foot.
2. Controls odour.
3. Keeps feet dry.

Uses: cures athlete's foot when used daily for the full treatment period; with daily use, prevents athlete's foot; relieves itching, burning and cracking.

Directions: Adults and children over 2 years: cleanse skin with soap and water and dry thoroughly; pay special attention to spaces between toes; wear well-fitting, ventilated shoes and cotton socks; dusting of Tinactin Powder into shoes and socks may help prevent reoccurrence of infection.
For treatment apply a thin layer over affected area morning and night for 4 weeks.
For prevention apply a thin layer to feet once or twice daily.

Warnings: For External Use Only.
Do not use for nail or scalp infections.
When using this product avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse with water.
Stop use and ask a doctor if irritation occurs; there is no improvement following the full treatment period of 4 weeks.
Store between 15-30°C.

Active Ingredient: Tolnaftate 1%
Inactive Ingredients: benzethonium chloride, corn starch, kaolin, sodium bicarbonate.