Similac Alimentum Powder 400g
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Similac Alimentum Powder 400g

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If your baby is allergic to cow’s milk protein, has colic symptoms due to protein sensitivity, or has severe food allergies, you can trust Similac Alimentum. This easy-to-digest formula is the #1 hypoallergenic§ formula recommended by doctors.

Similac Alimentum starts reducing colic symptoms due to protein sensitivity within 24 hours in most infants,1,2 and contains DHA§, an omega-3 fat, to support the normal physical development of the brain and eyes.

  •   Similar to other infant formulas.
  • §  Hypoallergenic does not mean non-allergenic.
  •   Based on a clinical study with Similac® Alimentum® ready to use, without DHA and ARA. The results are from a small group of infants who were experiencing colic symptoms due to cow's milk protein sensitivity.
  • §  Powder format only.