Poligrip Comfort Strips 40 Strips
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Poligrip Comfort Strips 40 Strips

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Secure fit helps seal out food particles.
For uppers, lowers & partials.

1. Clean and dry your denture(s).
2. With dry hands, peel open and remove strips.
3. Lightly moisten one strip at a time with water.
4. Place strips as shown, not too close to the edges of your denture(s). Do not overlap strips. (Cut strips if needed).
5. Rinse mouth with water before inserting your denture(s).
6. Press your denture(s) in place, hold firmly and bite down.

To remove adhesive: swish mouth with water and slowly remove your denture(s) using a rocking motion. Remove adhesive residue from your denture(s) and mouth with a soft moist cloth. Use Polident Denture Cleanser to thoroughly clean your denture(s).

Keep out of reach of children.

Ingredients: (alpha) Carmellose sodium, microcrystalline wax, polybutene, polyethylene oxide (PEG-90M).

Do not use if you have a sensitivity to or reaction from any of the strip ingredients. A few individuals may be sensitive to this formulation. If discomfort occurs, discontinue use. Does not contain zinc.