Nestle Gerber Rice & Banana Cereal 227g
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Nestle Gerber Rice & Banana Cereal 227g

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For infants 6 months and up.

It's excellent nutrition along with great taste, texture and consistency that make the ideal baby cereal. And all four go into every spoon of our baby cereals. GERBER Rice & Banana Baby Cereal is no exception. Naturally sweet with banana and with an excellent consistency that won't thicken as it cools - making it the perfect food for little spoons - and little smiles. It's easy to prepare and easy to serve because we've already added specially adapted milk to meet your baby's nutritional and developmental needs - all you have to do is add water!

Features & Benefits

• The ONLY Baby Cereal with probiotic B.lactis, which contributes to a healthy gut flora
• 13 essential nutrients, including iron and calcium, which aid in your baby’s normal growth
• Each serving provides 100% of baby's daily value for iron, which contributes to normal cognitive development
• No added salt¤
• No preservatives, artificial flavours or colours.