Nestle Gerber Oat & Prune Cereal 227g
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Nestle Gerber Oat & Prune Cereal 227g

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For infants 6 months and up.

As baby adapts to another first – starting solid foods – you may notice some perfectly normal digestive changes in your little one. That's why we offer GERBER Oat & Prune Baby Cereal - containing the goodness of oats and prunes so that mom can rest easy knowing that it's part of his regular routine.

Features & Benefits

• The ONLY Baby Cereal with probiotic B.lactis*, which contributes to a healthy gut flora
• 13 essential nutrients, including iron and calcium, which aid in your baby’s normal growth
• Each serving provides 100% of baby's daily value for iron, which contributes to normal cognitive development
• No added salt¤
• No preservatives, artificial flavours or colours.