Gastrolyte 10x4.9g Sachets
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Gastrolyte 10x4.9g Sachets

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Indications: For the management of watery diarrhea of varying types, including gastroenteritis and oral correction of fluid and electrolyte loss in infants, children and adults. Maintenance of fluid and electrolyte balance in situations such as post-operative when the oral route is available.

Directions for use: Stir and dissolve 1 sachet in 200mL (7oz) drinking water immediately after opening.

Dosage: For toddlers, older children and adults, Gastrolyte may be given freely until the thirst is satisfied. For infants, a number of different regimens are used by different physicians, but the basic principle is to omit milk feeds or solids initially, which maintaining  adequate fluid intake. Milk can then be reintroduced to provide calories, but to avoid worsening or prolonging the diarrhea, this should be gradual.

Risk information: Each sachet should be dissolved in 200mL of water. With intractable vomiting, adynamic ileus, intestinal obstruction of perforated bowel, nothing should be administered orally. If the diarrhea does not improve promptly, the patient should be reassessed.

Store between 15°C and 25°C with possible excursions of up to 30°C.

Medicinal Ingredients (per sachet):
Dextrose Monohydrate - 3.56g
Disodium Citrate - 0.53g
Sodium Chloride - 0.47g
Potassium Chloride - 0.30g

Non-Medicinal Ingredients: aspartame (as sweetening agent), colloidal silica.