Disposable Face Mask (Blue) 50 MASKS
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Disposable Face Mask (Blue) 50 MASKS

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When received may not be the same box as pictured but will be a 50 pack

Comfortable fitting and easy breathing

High Elasticity Ear Hook 
3 Ply Face Mask
50 Piece

** Not for medical use **

Standard: GB/T32610-2016

Material: Non-woven fabric, melt-blown filter fabric, metal nose bridge bar, elastic ear band.

Size: 175*95mm

Expiry Date: Two Years

Batch No.: See Certificate of Quality

Storage Conditions: Store in -20~30 degrees Celsius, ventilated area, and relative humidity not more than 80%

Wearing Tips: 
1. Take out the mask, turn nose clip side upwards, put ear loops, on ears.
2. Use index and middle finger to press nose clip from nose bridge to nose wing, pull the mask down to the underjaw.
3. Adjust and make sure the mask covered your nose bridge under jaw. 
1. Disposable face mask, suggest to replace it every 4 hours. 
2. Please use timely after package is opened. 
3. Use with caution if you have cardiopulmonary dysfunction.