Disposable Face Mask (Black) 50
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Disposable Face Mask (Black) 50

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May not be the same box as pictured but will still be a 50 pack.

Disposable Face Mask (Non-Medical)

  • 50 Pieces
  • 3-Ply

Main raw Materials: Non-Woven
Executive Standard: GB/T32610-2016
Storage Method: Normal temperature stores, relative humidity not more than 20%, pay attention to fire, rain, acid, alkali, avoid direct sunlight.
Storage Period: 2 Years
Caution: This product is not treated with ethylene oxide. It is not suitable for oxygen deficient environment, underwater operation, escape, fire fighting, open fire workplace, medical and industrial special industries, infant respiratory protective equipment, and reuse.
Warning Method: check the appearance of the mask before use. Do not use use if there is damage, oil stain, or particular smell, When wearing fix the mask on the ear to ensure closed contact with the face and protect the mouth and nose.  

How to wear:
1. Take out the mask, turn nose clip side upwards, put ear loops on ears.
2. Use index and middle finger to press nose clip from nose bridge to nose wing, pull the mask down to the under jaw line.
3. Adjust and make sure the mask covered your nose bridge and under jaw.